✅ Guidelines for Session Chairs

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Guidelines for Session Chairs

1-1. During the Congress, there will be 14 concurrent symposia and oral sessions, about 90 minutes for each session daily.
1-2. The workshop will be held from May 27 (Mon) to May 28 (Tue) for 2~3 hours in Room 211.
1-3. The luncheon seminar is scheduled for 70 minutes between May 28 (Tue) and May 30 (Thu).

2. Please refer to the session schedule via the following link:
[Luncheon Seminar]

3. To reduce the environmental impact of the congress, the biographies and abstracts of speakers are not provided as printed copies on-site.
You may only be available to check out that information in advance via the following link:
[My Symposium]
[My Workshop]
[My Luncheon Seminar]

4. The session overview (speakers’ biography, abstract, and presentation time) will be offered to the session chair via tablet PC on their table in each session room.

5. The session chair should arrive in the room
15 minutes before the session.

6. We highly recommend you make sure to keep your session schedule. The session chair is given a bell and a timer to help keep time, which we recommend being used.

7. In case of a "No-show" of a speaker, please inform the audience of a break time for the "No-show" slot and let them know the next presentation start time. Congress staff in each session room will display a break-time slide.

8. Audio, Photo, Video, and Mobile Phone Policy
Please note that audio, photo, and video recording by various devices (including cameras, laptops, PDAs, mobile phones, watches, and tablet PCs) are strictly prohibited during all symposia and oral sessions unless prior permission is obtained from the congress organizer. Recording and photography in the poster area are also strictly prohibited. Mobile phones must also be switched off or set to silent mode while attending sessions.

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