Plenary Lectures
Highlight Programs

Fellow, Biomaterials Science and Engineering

• FBSE WBC (Fellows Debate)

Young biomaterial scientist mentoring

• Young Scientist Forum (YSF) I: Successful career development
• Young Scientist Forum (YSF) II: The past, present, and future of Biomaterials Research
  (meeting mentors)
• Young Scientist Forum (YSF) III: Experience from academic research to commercialization,
  start-up company

Biomaterials research in woman health

• Biomaterials for the Maternal-Fetal Interface
• Biomaterials for Women’s Reproductive Health
• Biomaterials for women’s health engineering
• Sex as a biological variable in biomaterials research
• Women in Biomaterials Science

Publication in Biomaterials research: advice from Editor-in-chief

• Meet editors related to biomaterials

Biomaterials education

• Biomaterials Education Symposium at the WBC 2024

Clinical translations of biomaterial research

• Translation of bioactive ceramics from bench to bedside and emerging technologies for
  patient specific approaches
• Clinical application of biomaterials in Orthopaedic field
• Clinical and Pre-clinical Application of Biomaterials toward Next-Generation Medicine

Regulatory challenge in biomaterial products

• Regulatory science for the translation of biomaterials products
• Regulatory perspectives on biologics composed of cell therapy and biomaterials

From bench to commercialization

• Emerging biomaterials: From bench to startup
• Biomaterials' challenges: From academia to industry
• Biomaterials-based startups for tissue engineering

Industry symposium

• Company Seminar (GENOSS)
• Company Seminar (Dentium)
• Company Seminar (DENTIS / Dalim Tissen)
• Company Seminar (MAVERICK / EnvisionTEC GmbH)
• Company Seminar (Rousselot / Readily3D)